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The feast of the Virgin Mary on August 15 and on 21 November (on November 21 is not groomed but buffet tables)

The feast of St. George in the village on 23 April. If it's during easter then its transfered on Easter Monday

The feast of St. Nektarios in Panagia on November 9

The feast of the Archangel at St. George on November 8 with buffet tables

Festivals are a fun way to entertain the locals and a way to express and communicate between the habitants.

Also, it should be mentioned St. Johns celebration day.

On August 28, the day of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, at 7 am starts the litany of St. Johns image , being carried by youngsters, from the village Panagia to the cave of St. John.

They place the image and light candles as the crowd gathers around the cave to honor the day and St. Jogn. The image remains at the cave until noon until the priest performs the last ceremony of the day.

At the end they share bread and cheese. The youngsters return the image back to the church at Iraklia.